Fujitsu punjač sa baterijama HR-3UTCEX (4B)

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Fujitsu punjač sa baterijama HR-3UTCEX (4B)

Fujitsu “Ready-to-Use” Rechargeable NiMH batteries use a similar technology as the pioneer ground-breaking “Eneloop”. With low self-discharge, the Fujitsu “R2U” NiMH batteries are, after 5 years, still able to retain up to 70% of their capacity. Pre-charged from the factory, they are in “ready-to-run” state out of the package and can be recharged over and over again up to 1800 times, making the batteries very economical.

Features and Basic Specifications

rechargeable ‘AA’ NiMH chemistry
can be recharged up to 1,800 times
retains up to 70% of capacity after 5 years
can be used at temperatures down to -20oC

Model : ( FCT343-CEFX(CL)
Capacity : Type : 2000mAh ( Min1900mAh )
Voltage : 1.2V
Manufacture : Made In Japan