Nikon LASER RANGEFINDER Forestry 550

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Nikon Laser Rangefinder Forestry 550 BKA091AA LASER RANGE FINDERS

laser rangefinder with angle compensation technology. With its external LCD display, this laser rangefiner instantly provides actual distance, angle, horizontal distance, height, and vertical separation (difference in height between two targets).


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Since Nikon released its first Laser Rangefinders in 1999, they have been well accepted by wide variety of users, from golfers to hunters. Our new Laser 550A S has been engineered to comply with their request for angle compensated distance measurement. With its built-in inclinometer, Laser 550A S gives instant readings on the target, from actual distance to angle, height, and horizontal distance, even vertical separation between two targets. This information allows a user to take a shot with more confidence, whether in golfing or hunting.